The Number Sequence Visualizer

Numerical sequences as written do not immediately convey all that they possess. When a sequence is plotted on a graph, much more is revealed about its nature. Yet the inherent beauty of numbers is still somewhat missing in such and similar analysis. The Concentrics visualizer aims to reveal some new unseen structure and untapped beauty contained within a number sequence.

The numerical relationships in the Fibonacci sequence were a fascination and an inspiration to me. A desire to create a new geometric expression came together with the structural purity of the circle. Each number was represented in a series of concentric annular Steiner chains. On an Architects design program I constructed outwards ring by ring. After one, three is the minimum number able to form a chain, so it went {1,3,5,8,13...} missing out the No.2. A myriad of features were revealed in the construction of the Fibonacci Concentric. Leading me to wonder what other number sequences would reveal.

Arithmetic and geometric sequences have different features. From the centre the radii of circles can be seen to increase, decrease and do both in other Concentrics. Visualisations such as the Prime, Triangular and Square have only one radial spoke. But radial spokes are a constant feature of the Concentrics formed by multiplying by the factors 2,3,4...etc.

I hope fun can be had with the custom function as pre-set sequences can be edited and your own inputs can be visualized.

Clifford Christopher


Fibonacci sequence

Prime sequence

Triangular sequence

Square sequence

Cube sequence

Powers sequence

Custom sequence

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